Beauty In The Breakdown


Beauty In The Breakdown

Growing up, I never played any sports, or played any instruments.

Sometimes (maybe more than some), I wish my parents would have suggested that I join something or everything, in order to figure out what exactly I am good at doing. In my current adult life, I feel like I have no hobby which in turn results in my DH referring to me as a Stage 5 Clinger. (lol)

So, I decided to purchase one of the most expensive things I’ve ever bought for myself: a DSLR. She’s become one of my best friends lately. I am glad to have finally found something I can use to create my own personal art.

I am still studying the art of photography, and I don’t think I will ever become as good as the photographers I admire, but I do enjoy capturing the beauty around me and being able to hone it to my liking.

Not to mention, being able to photograph my beautiful daughter, and my gorgeous son! Even if I never become published, or ever get hired to take photos, I am glad to have something that is all mine, and mine alone.

This photo was taken a few days ago. The roses in my garden are slowly dying. I miss the summer.