Weekly Writing Challenge / Fine With Time


Weekly Writing Challenge: the Difference Point of View Makes


Disclaimer: I haven’t written in a long time and I apologize if the below isn’t as detailed as the prompt required. This is a very rough draft; something to get my creative juices flowing. One day, when I have some time, I’d like to expand on the below story and come back to this post and make it a lot more interesting. This was written on a quick break from Mom-Duties.

Feel free to leave any feedback. 

Fine With Time 

The Almost 8 Year Old –

So Mommy says it’s His weekend again, and I HAVE to go. I beg, and plead with her asking her to PLEASE MOMMY, PLEASE don’t make me go. I don’t want to go – I want to stay here with you. Doesn’t she understand that this is my home; my home is wherever she is? I can always tell what day it is because every other Friday, I have to spend three days there. I don’t like it over there. SHE’S NOT OVER THERE. My Mommy is my best friend and she makes me go over there to spend time with someone who doesn’t understand me. He has not been around for years and I have to go over there. Bubby is too young to understand, he doesn’t see it how I see it. He likes going over there because he gets spoiled. I get spoiled too but it’s not the same. I just miss my Mommy too much.

The Mommy –

Sharing the kids never gets easy. It’s been a month since He’s been back in their lives and all he does is make a mess when he’s around. Who in the world gets to leave for years and come back when it’s convenient for them? Oh right – Him. The “Voldemort” of my life. I have to try and make it as easy as possible for the kids to become reacquainted with their biological father but where the hell am I supposed to start?

All of the memories we have together are full of pain and sadness. But I cannot let my sweet kids see that this is what I’m feeling. I have to pretend with L and J that everything is copasetic. The world is alright and will continue to be so as long as I put my Brave Face on. As much as I want to give in to L’s pleading – I know that this will only get easier with time. I have to make sure she realizes that this is going to be fine with time. That’s our motto. That’s going to be our motto: Fine With Time.

“Don’t worry, sweet L. You’ll always come back home to me. I’ll always be there to pick you up, and we’ll hug and laugh, and be just fine.”


“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” 
― William Cullen Bryant


I Wonder If Ants View Daisies As I View Palm Trees.


I Wonder If Ants View Daisies As I Do Palm Trees.

Every time I ask my husband what he thinks of my photos, he always tells me they look great. I know when you’re in love, you can be biased (isn’t love deaf, blind, and dumb? lol just kidding) – so I always say, “Thanks babe!”, and take it with a grain of salt.

I don’t know what kind of photographer I want to be, or what kind of “style” is particularly mine. I peruse all avenues of The Internet (sometimes it feels like I’ve been to the end of The Internet), reading everything I can about exposure, ISO, aperture, lenses, macro, auto-focus, brackets, DSLR’s, etc, et cetera, … in hopes of sculpting  my third eye aka photo taking ability.

I know within photography, I will be a forever-student, which I don’t mind one bit – but I wish I knew what my photographic signature was.

This photo was taken outside of my front door. Our first summer in our new home. I like to think of it as a representation of the joy we felt when we realized just how BIG we could dream – not to mention, the indescribable joy we felt when the BIG dream came true! 

Beauty In The Breakdown


Beauty In The Breakdown

Growing up, I never played any sports, or played any instruments.

Sometimes (maybe more than some), I wish my parents would have suggested that I join something or everything, in order to figure out what exactly I am good at doing. In my current adult life, I feel like I have no hobby which in turn results in my DH referring to me as a Stage 5 Clinger. (lol)

So, I decided to purchase one of the most expensive things I’ve ever bought for myself: a DSLR. She’s become one of my best friends lately. I am glad to have finally found something I can use to create my own personal art.

I am still studying the art of photography, and I don’t think I will ever become as good as the photographers I admire, but I do enjoy capturing the beauty around me and being able to hone it to my liking.

Not to mention, being able to photograph my beautiful daughter, and my gorgeous son! Even if I never become published, or ever get hired to take photos, I am glad to have something that is all mine, and mine alone.

This photo was taken a few days ago. The roses in my garden are slowly dying. I miss the summer.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You



I used to be anti-pink, but as I began to age, and figured out what kind of person I wanted to be – pink became the color of my new self. It represents the new me. The better me. The me I have always known I could be, but wasn’t sure how exactly to obtain.

I met my now-husband back then.

Hi Pink. 🙂

(Oh, and welcome to my home office… this pink coffee thermos and I are BFF’s!)