I Wonder If Ants View Daisies As I View Palm Trees.


I Wonder If Ants View Daisies As I Do Palm Trees.

Every time I ask my husband what he thinks of my photos, he always tells me they look great. I know when you’re in love, you can be biased (isn’t love deaf, blind, and dumb? lol just kidding) – so I always say, “Thanks babe!”, and take it with a grain of salt.

I don’t know what kind of photographer I want to be, or what kind of “style” is particularly mine. I peruse all avenues of The Internet (sometimes it feels like I’ve been to the end of The Internet), reading everything I can about exposure, ISO, aperture, lenses, macro, auto-focus, brackets, DSLR’s, etc, et cetera, … in hopes of sculpting  my third eye aka photo taking ability.

I know within photography, I will be a forever-student, which I don’t mind one bit – but I wish I knew what my photographic signature was.

This photo was taken outside of my front door. Our first summer in our new home. I like to think of it as a representation of the joy we felt when we realized just how BIG we could dream – not to mention, the indescribable joy we felt when the BIG dream came true!